Product - vSimilaritySearch

1. What is it

vSimilaritySearch provides visual similarity search on images. In other words, given an image, it provides a service to find all visually similar images from a large number of images.

2. Why you need it

You are operating an online shopping website. A user comes in to your site to search some products by keyword searching or browsing. He or she just finds something interesting. It could be a bag, a pair of shoes, or a beautiful watch. The user may want to see more items visually similar to this one. Here our product, vSimilaritySearch, comes in to play. Check out our visual similarity search demo.

3. How it works

Given a large numbers of images, we analyze and extract all finger-prints of those images such as color distribution, shape characteristics, and image features. Those images finger-prints are then saved into a special index and database. During search time, an input image is analyzed to extract its finger-print and then compared with fingerprints of image index and database, thus find visually similar images. Thanks to our advanced search ranking algorithms and highly parallel processing, search results can be delivered in a fraction of seconds from ten to a hundred millions of images.

Image Similarity Search