Product - vColorMatch

1. What is it

vColorMatch provides image search based on input color specifications. In other words, given a desired color requirement such as 60% green, 20% red, and 20% yellow, it provides a service to find all images with this color requirement from a large number of images.

2. Why you need it

In this digital and internet era, showing high quality images is one of the most important way to present a product. Color is the most important factor for images. How to let users to search products with their desired colors in certain categories? How to narrow down different colors after a product keyword search? Given product images, how to automate the color tagging process? Here our product vColorMatch, comes in to help.

3. How it works

Given a large numbers of images, we analyze and extract all color related finger-prints of those images such as color distribution. Those images finger-prints are then saved into a special index and database. During search time, an input color specification is translated into color finger-print and then compared with fingerprints of image index and database, thus find color similar images.

Image Color Match